Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Bracelet with a Message

Telling someone the gospel can seem very intimidating and we often have no clue where to start or what to say. Yet there is a simple tool that is easy to make and provides an outline when sharing the gospel with someone else. It can often end up being a nice little thank you for listening that they can take home and remember what you told them.

This is a wordless bracelet.
Each of the colors on this bracelet relate to the gospel and can help you when explaining our greatest need and God's greatest gift.

Many places have tracts available that you can give the person as well so that they can remember what each color stands for if they wonder later. 

The colors are simple:
Yellow- Heaven
Black- Sin and the penalty of death
Red- Blood of Christ
White- Our cleansing
Green- Growing in Christ

These colors can guide your words into something like this: 
God lives in heaven, a wonderful place where the streets are paved in gold. Imagine your favorite place to be; heaven surpasses that by a long shot. But you have to be perfect to get into heaven. 
None of us are perfect we are black with sin. You can measure your life by the 10 commandments. We all have lied, stolen and put things above God. God knew it was impossible for  use to reach that standard, but he loved us. 
So he sent his only son who he loved to die on the cross, shedding his blood for our sin. 
Now if we repent of our own ways and believe in Him he will wash us as white as snow. 
When you truly realize how much he loves us you will desire to know him more and you will grown in him through reading the Bible and meeting with other believers.

Being able to ask a stranger if they would like a free bracelet is an easy way to begin a conversation. They can say no and you can move on, but who doesn't like free stuff. Most people love to take these and will allow you to explain the color's significance. These are especially effective when talking to children. They love the bracelet and even if the meaning doesn't register quite yet, that is one more seed planted in a young heart that may grow and bear fruit when the time is right.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Favorite Blanket

Online I saw a picture of a crochet blanket that was completely me so I had to make it. I found the pattern and other than changing a few colors, pretty much followed the directions. I loved the pattern so much that I finished the blanket faster than normal and soon had a blanket that I adore!

Now I am working on a smaller version of this blanket for my puppy. Call me crazy but my baby needs a baby blanket handmade by his mommy.

I've decided to have his blanket be a three by three square of this corner of my bigger blanket. Also since my baby is a boy I'll revert to the original colors of yellow and green instead of purple and pink.

He seems to enjoy my sleeping with my blanket so soon he will have one of his own!