Monday, June 29, 2015

Moogly's Mesmerizing Messenger Bag

I'll start out by sharing a bag I have fallen in love with and use constantly:

I love messenger bags! And I love this simple yet elegant stitch pattern. Before making the bag I thought they might be difficult to make, but moogly explains and illustrates her simple steps  very well so that I had no problem making my bag.

Moogly gives her own instructions for how to line the bag. Lining crocheted bags is well worth it. It makes the bag so much more durable, it stretches less and nothing falls through the stitching. I sewed my lining a little differently than she did but it turned out great.

This is the bag I use the most now. I use it when shopping for more yarn, going to work or heading out on errands. I've got so many compliments on this bag I almost want to make another one, but my want to crochet list is a little long so I might not get to that for a while.

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