Tuesday, July 1, 2014

American Nails

I don't paint my nails all that often, mainly because I never know what colors to paint them. But I decided I would do something fun with them for the fourth of July so that I would have all the necessary colors even if they are missing in my outfit.
Originally I was going to paint them blue with white spots for the starts and have a red strip at the top, but I painted them all red without realizing it so I improvised. It turns out I love the finished product!

I started with painting my nails completely red. Once that dried I painted a square of blue in the upper left corner. Then while the blue was drying I used a thin brush to paint the white stripes on top of the red. And once the blue was dried I added white dots for starts on the blue. A while later to be sure everything was dried and would not smudge I covered the whole nail with a clear top coat to keep the nails safer.

Hopefully the nails will stay complete until Friday, but I just couldn't resist painting them when I had a chance. Nail art is so much more fun then simple colors.


  1. Cute! Hope they lasted until the 4th!

  2. Thanks, they stayed in pretty good shape except for one nail, so I was happy.