Wednesday, August 6, 2014


After crocheting my little owls I searched the internet for other cute amigurumi patterns that I could create. I made a guinea pig and parakeet. But then I found a book that is totally me. Ami Ami Dogs is full of adorable little puppies to crochet. 

So I ordered the book and some craft eyes for my new creations. I also had to make a trip to the store to pick out the perfect puppy colors. Luckily I found a preview pattern from the book online so while I eagerly awaited my  new book I crocheted my first dog.

All it took was that one dog and I as hooked! It turned out so cute. Other than putting my back legs a little to far forward the dog turned out perfect for me. My book came and before long I had a posse of little crochet dogs! They took such a tiny hook that I had to get one with a grip so I wouldn't hurt my hand by crocheting to much.

Somebody turned out to be a little jelous of my creations. If I left them on the table Benson would take them. He even managed to grab them out of my backpack when I left the pouch they were in unzipped. So I decided to use and bigger pattern to make him a puppy of his own. 

So far I have made all but two of the dogs in the first book so now I have Ami Ami dogs 2 on hold from the library so I can make some more. I guess I'll never be to old for stuffed animals, especially stuffed puppies!

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