Sunday, October 5, 2014

Angry Bird Crochet

My newest project is something that I have been designing myself.

I'm not sure why but I wanted to make something Angry Birds which is kind-of weird since I don't really play it all that much. I saw that there are a fair amount of hats, mainly red, chuck and the bomb, but I decided I wanted to take the idea, but do it as finger-less gloves.

I had so much fun designing one that I decided to do them all. So here are my designs for most of the original birds.

Then my sister said I should make the new birds from Angry Birds Stella. The Stella version seems to be geared towards the girls so most of the birds are girls. And here;s those designs. Except that I got the color scheme for Dahlia all wrong, but that's easily fixed since I haven't made her yet.

And here are the birds that I crochet so far.

I love the idea of matching gloves and hats so I decided to enlarge the glove pattern and created a hat to go with my bomb glove.

I love that the gloves are so fun and fairly quick to make. But now I'll have to make hats to match them all which should just involve enlarging the glove pattern design.

 And finally my model, showing of the coolness and fierceness of the angry bird bomb. 

But she says I should make an angry bird Stella hat because she's never seen them before, but I think she just likes that it's pink!

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