Monday, October 13, 2014

Puppy Break

Who could resist this adorable face? I know I can't and so does he.

I don't like to do anything without my puppy unless there is no other alternative. So when I am working on anything at home he is always with me. As I was switching the item I was shooting pictures in preparation for my etsy shop Benson decided to get in on the action.

 He decided if I wasn't going to play with him I should take his picture and he wasn't going to move until I complied. That said it really wasn't all that hard for him to convince me; i love taking pictures of him.

Maybe some time I'll give him something to model. I don't know if he would be as excited about that since he hates being dressed up. I'm not even sure I'll dress him up for Halloween. Maybe i'll just make him something simple like a cape. Then he can be superpuppy!

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