Monday, July 13, 2015

Boy Messenger Bag

While me and my sister were enjoying our new messenger bags my brother decided he would like one as his own. I often feel bad that I crochet my sister so many things and barely make my brother anything buy she loves everything I make and I fall in love with more feminine patterns.

After a bit of searching I was unsatisfied with the messenger patterns available online so I decided I would make my own using the technique I used to make my sister's bag. But his was going to be simply double crocheted.

Sadly I didn't record my stitch counts, but it is a simple pattern so I'll explain what I did.
Simply Soft and Pound of Love Yarn
Hook: I
Tapestry/ Yarn Needle

Base Rectangle
Row 1: fsc until it reached 15 inches long.
Rows 2-?: sc in each stitch until it is 3 inches long

Attach yarn to one corner, ch 1
Round 1: sc in each stitch around in each sc, join
Round 2: ch 2, dc in each sc, 
Round 3-(26): ch 2, dc in each dc (until the sides are 10 inches tall; don't tie off)
Row 1: dc along the back (the # fdc used for the base rectangle), turn
Row 2-(26): ch 2, dc in each dc (until the flap is 10 inches long), tie off

Row 1: On one side of the flap dc (the # rows in base rectangle), turn
Row 2- (34): ch 2, dc in each dc
Repeat on other side of the flap
Sew their edges together. (You can make the handle longer or shorter based on your preference by adding or subtracting rows.)

You can use any stripe pattern or make the bag on e plain color, but the color sequence I used was:
4 turquoise
2 black
4 green
2 black

Then I lined the bag. The handle is folded and stitched together with some fabric lining inside to make it more sturdy and stop it from stretching.

It looks great for a boy and he calls it his satchel. 
Now all three of us have bags we constantly use. His first excursion with his new bag was to the library where he filled it full of books. It made me cringe slightly to see so much weight in it, but it is holding up nicely.

* While I've done my best to write up the pattern there may be errors. Let me know if you're having trouble following the pattern or if you see a mistake. Enjoy!

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