Monday, July 27, 2015

Star Wars Crochet

A while ago I ran across pictures of crocheted star wars figures, but was sad to learn I had to wait before I could get my hands on them because they were being put into a book/kit. Now the kit has been out for a while and I have completed half of the characters. 

These patterns were created by Lucy Collin and can be purchase in the Star Wars Crochet Kit. I have seen them in Michaels, but I ordered mine from Amazon.

I have found the patterns easy to follow and I love the finished product. My only struggle is finding the right color yarn which is the main reason they are not all done yet. But I think I have found greens that match well enough for me so I am currently working on the rest of the characters.

So far my favorite is R2-D2. I love how his legs swivel around. But I definitely need to make Luke next. 

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