Monday, August 10, 2015

Nautical Knots Tote Bag

I love bags and the bigger the bag the better. This pattern was one of the few paid patterns I use. I got it because I wanted to make a friend something to encourage her to have fun over the summer and this looked like a great beach bag. 

It's called "Nautical Knots" Beach Yarn/ Tote Bag by Jennifer Pionk. The pattern came with instructions for two sizes. I made the smaller one because that suited my needs.

Sadly I forgot to take pictures of my first bag, but I decided I also needed a nice big bag. After some contemplation I decided to do it in Towson colors since I'm want to show my school spirit. I will definitely be using it to carry my books this fall though right now my yarn is in it.

I found the pattern easy to follow and I love how the top is double layered making it extra sturdy. Though the pattern didn't say to I lined my bag to make it extra durable. The stitches are pretty tight though and it didn't necessarily need the lining to be useful.

I also love the handles. I've never made handles like them and they are cool and easy to make. If you're looking for a big bag I would definitely recommend this pattern.

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